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About the Hutt Winter Festival

The Hutt Winter Festival is an arts festival championing the creativity of local Hutt based artists and groups Рa festival for the people, by the people!

The festival aims to connect people in our local communities through arts and culture, extend the existing summer community events into winter and improve the visibility of arts and culture in the Hutt.

Festival events include music, theatre, dance, pop-up projects, public art, outdoor events, literature, visual arts, workshops and more. The festival is an eruption of colourful art activity to brighten up all corners of Lower Hutt.

The first Hutt Winter Festival was brought to you by Hutt City Council in 2017. We have been working with many members of the community to develop the festival and put something together that is new, exciting and full of opportunities for people from Lower Hutt to participate in. We hope to connect people through art

So pop the dates in your calendar, check out this site, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and watch as your neighbourhood comes alight!